The role of a trustee within any charity is both challenging and rewarding, especially so within childhood cancer. Our trustees are the driving force behind The Henry Allen Trust and their passion, tenacity and sense of humour are a guiding light to our volunteers, patrons and the many families we support during their darkest moments.

Trustee – Tim Cox

There are few things in this world that really bother me. But cancer strikes without warning and, in many cases, reason. And while all oncology cases are simply awful - having experienced cases with close family and friends. This is, however, even more tragic when a child is diagnosed, with all their potential still yet to be realised, the aggressive treatments that their bodies will have to endure and the helplessness that the parents and family suffer. Before Henry was diagnosed I was relitivly oblivious to all the types of childhood cancer and the world of child oncology. Unfortunately, Henry opened my eyes so I could see for myself just a glimpse of what many children are going through. When Mark and Dawn decided to set up The Henry Allen Trust to support families like theirs and raise awareness it was a very easy decision to agree to join this campaign.

Trustee – Emma Boulton

As you go through life, there are moments and people who touch your heart and change you forever! Henry was one of these people. From the moment I held him on the day he was born, when he stole a piece of my heart, to the moment we had to say goodbye, when my heart broke! Henry amazed me every single day even more so when he was battling this vile disease! No matter how poorly he was feeling or how much pain he was in, Henry always had a smile on his face and would give you a Henry Hug! How I miss them. Knowing Henry's last wish was to help other children, when his brave mummy and daddy decided to set up the trust it was an easy decision to be involved and help bring smiles to other children going through the same battle as our little superhero! Little man, Aunty Em and all of Team Henry will work hard to keep your legacy going and make memories for other families!! As you would say, let's do this!!