When your family is facing childhood cancer, you don’t have to do it alone.

When your family is facing childhood cancer, you don’t have to do it alone.

Helping You to Help Families

Bringing Henry’s Happiness to Hospitals

“The work which Henry’s team do is nothing short of amazing. Their energy and determination for things to be different touches people in their darkest moments. They are so much more than the things people see like fun days and wishes. They have transformed cancer care at local hospitals making the experience safer and better for everyone and they never stop striving to drive up standards further and educate people more.”

We know how hard it is for families in a hospital environment, struggling to cope with a diagnosis which has turned their life upside down.

We know how hard you, hospital staff, work to help those families and give them hope. We’ve been on both sides of that relationship and can help you provide the support those families need. Working with you, working with the Clic Sargent support team, working with families - bringing hope to those who need it. We provide support at:

birmingham childrens hospital charity
john radcliffe

Supporting you and your Families

  • 🎈Supporting nurses through their oncology training.

  • 🎈Advising on process improvement, considering how we can – together – support families better.

  • 🎈Our wellness counsellor, Cat – can come into hospitals to support family members with CBT or hypnotherapy, helping families find laughter again.

  • 🎈Providing Care packs, Toy packs, Arts and Crafts packs and even Food packs for families dealing with unexpected hospital stays.

  • 🎈Bringing Treats and Wishes to bedsides – helping children meet their heroes and get the equipment which will change their future. Our purpose is to give families the opportunity to create some treasured memories.

    🎈Dolly – our pet therapy dog, visits families in hospital, bringing smiles everywhere she goes.

We’re already helping five national hospitals, let's see if we can help you.